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Creating business with integrity and heart

Transform your business to experience passion and open to infinite possibilities

The business world is driven by logical reasoning of cause and effect. At times, without concern of the effects on humanity. The heart has been pushed aside and the mind rules from fear. How does business change if the heart is allowed to enter the business world? The possibilities are endless when businesses create from outside the box of the limits of logic. It is challenging to shift a paradigm that has existed and thrived for centuries.
At Heart Mind Consulting, there is a passion to shift business from a fear based world into creative, successful, authentic and trustworthy organizations. Where leaders and employees are living their truest expression and feel joy to show up to work each day. The joy that drives collaboration, motivation and success in the business world. This is derived from following the heart and being mindful of each step that is taken to create a business world that thrives with loyal employees and clients with long-term success.
As a corporate employee and leader, there has always been a desire to find joy in day to day work. It has been a challenge to experience joy. The only way to change the environment is to change the experience and practice mindfulness throughout the day. This has lead to the creation of Heart Mind Consulting and the desire to assist in transforming business practices around the world.
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